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Today, many homeowners are tinting windows in their homes for many beneficial reasons. With our vast experience, we can show you how to better regulate temperatures throughout your home, boost security, protect your interior furnishings, reduce glare and save you money on your utility costs. We use the highest quality products backed with guaranteed successful performance. Please contact East Side Film Company for a cost free quote and to find out more about our services.


Over time, sun exposure will fade fabrics, carpets, wallpaper, pictures and other furnishings in your home. With sun, comes harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our films will help protect your furnishings by blocking 99.9% of the harmful ultraviolet rays and glare while still allowing natural light in your home.

Residential Window Tinting Harrisburg PA


We offer a clear security film that will make the windows in your home a safety feature instead of a welcome for burglars. Keeping your family safe from vandalism and shattered glass is a feature that will help you rest easier.

Home Window Tinting Harrisburg PA


Utility costs continue to rise with no end in sight. We can help you save money on utility costs by better regulating temperature in your home while still allowing as much light in as you want. Window film can reflect and absorb as much as 70% of the heat that filters into your home through windows.

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