GSA's 2005 Security Standards

GSA's 2005 Security Standards requires property owners to install shatter-resistant security window film in buildings when GSA is a tenant and its lease is being renewed.

East Side Film Company specializes in GSA authorized wet glaze attachment of security film on windows and glass panes. This system keeps shattered glass in place protecting the interior of the property from break-ins and inclement weather. Our customers also benefit from the energy savings they receive from the solar security film installation which typically pays for the entire expense over a short period of time.

GSA's 2005 Security Standards

Wet glaze or an adhesive attachment is the most commonly used attachment system. This system is the most versatile and the strongest. There are only specific adhesive products that can be classified and used for this purpose. We have seen many counterfeits used that will not meet the needed strength requirements.

We use Dow Corning 995 structural sealant and Solar Gard or Madico security films depending on our customers specs and budget.



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